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FALL TEST: OCT. 29 - NOV. 5, 2022
SPRING TEST: JAN. 22 - FEB. 4, 2023


  • Fall Test - Thursday, October 6, 2022 

  • Spring Test - Friday, January 13, 2023

Chairperson:  Linda King            

Committee:  Whitney Barron, Cari Dillon, Linda King, Jane Sutton


TMTA has provided local associations some flexibility in administering the Theory Tests

for 2022-23 due to the COVID 19 pandemic. 


The window for taking the Fall Test will be October 29 - November 5, 2022. All tests must be in the hands of the Chairman, Linda King, by November 5, 2022. No tests may be mailed to the chairman, but be hand-delivered and a document signed to verify receipt. I strongly suggest that you have your student take the Fall test rather than Spring because of possible retesting needs. The window for taking the Spring Test will be January 22, 2023 - February 4, 2023.



  • To use your own judgment as to the safety of your students and yourself.

  • To test in the teacher’s home or Studio with monitoring by the teacher and a possible assistant with social distancing.

  • To test in another location that the teacher selects and arranges with monitoring by the teacher and a possible assistant.

  • To test in an outdoor location with monitoring by the teacher and an assistant with social distancing.

  • Ear training may be played by the teacher or via recording sold by TMTA.



Further instructions will be provided and teachers will be required to sign a document to assure that procedures are done in the most legitimate way possible. Coaching during testing is forbidden.  Interference during testing will negate the test results. Even at our testing in the past, many teachers are unaware of the importance of rules and legal boundaries that are needed. Conducting our tests with these recommendations will put responsibilities upon the shoulders of all teachers in our association who desire students to participate in this event rather than just the teachers who direct the test each year. After the tests are finished, tests must be taken to the chairman by 7pm on the day after the testing window ends. Late delivery will prevent the tests from being sent for grading.  

Oath of test security and Confidentiality for Administering of the Whitlock Theory Test:

I do affirm that I will fully comply with all the requirements for student’s assessment of the Whitlock Theory Test by initialing to the left of the statements and include the date where applicable.

______I understand my responsibilities concerning the testing.

______I understand that I will actively monitor the testing of all students under my direction.

______I understand that any assistance other than reading aloud for grades 1 & 2 is prohibited.

______I understand that students will not receive coaching during testing.

______I will faithfully comply with all requirements concerning testing security and confidentiality.

______I picked up the tests for my students on _______________ and checked for errors  in names and grade levels before leaving the pickup location.

Signed on this the _____ day of_________,20__.  _______________Lubbock Music Teachers Association

Address:________________________________Best contact number____________________________.

Email address:___________________________

______I returned the completed tests to the theory chairman.

Signed on this the ______ day of _________________________,20____.



  • In TMTA activities, must take & make passing grade (70%+); strongly recommended to take fall test**

  • May take test at level lower than school grade, (instrumental medal can be earned)**

  • Scrap/staff paper provided; bring clipboard (some provided) & 2 pencils; cell phones allowed to call for rides at end of test (must be off & not touched during test)

  • Print name & school grade on each page or 2 pts. deducted

  • Must read questions carefully & make sure all are answered before turning in test (may ask teacher to clarify questions only)

  • May take one spring test to improve fall score (best score taken)



  • Must inform students & parents of above information

  • Order study materials from state**, some extra study tests may be purchased from local chairperson

  • Must notify chairperson of grading mistakes on returned test within 1 week, especially if it changes type of medal earned.

  • Keep own record of students’ yearly scores for long-term award**

  • Instrumental medals do not count toward state senior awards

** see TMTA Student Affiliate handbook or website at

Medals will be ordered in April for each student that has 90%  or above on their AT GRADE LEVEL TEST. Teachers will be notified when and where to pick up their Medals. Replacement Medals can be ordered for $7 each. 

Tests & medals, not picked up the week after teacher is notified, will be taken to next meeting.

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