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In 1923, a group of teachers formed a group which we now know as Lubbock Music Teachers Association. They lived in an isolated area where there was little musical culture and music education, and they gradually raised the standards of musical training in this community. These dedicated teachers laid a foundation for a thriving musical culture in Lubbock and the South Plains. We owe a debt of gratitude to them for all they did to encourage the development of musical culture and musical talent and training. They are the teachers who taught some of us or taught the teachers who taught us.


We who are a part of today’s LMTA are striving to carry on the tradition of those who preceded us by continuing to learn, by improving our teaching skills and our musicianship, and by bringing experts to our meetings to aid in our professional development. We are a community of teachers who share our love of music and our knowledge of it with our students. We work together to provide worthwhile activities and opportunities for our students and opportunities for our own learning. We meet monthly from September through May, except for December and February.

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