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Grades 3-6 : Se-Hee Jin
Grades 7-12 : TBD

1. This program is for Student Affiliates:

  • pass the fall or spring Whitlock Theory Test (score of 70 or above)

  • attend four 45 minute rehearsals, 2 weeks before the TMTA convention, TBA

  • attend two dress rehearsals

  • perform at the TMTA Conference Concert


2. Tryouts TBD. Students must bring their $20 registration fee (payable to LMTA), their music and a 3x5 entry card:

Song Title _____________________________ Primo or Secondo _________________________

Student Name _________________________ School Grade _____________________________

Secondary Instrument ___________________ Teacher__________________________________

Whitlock Theory Grade _______________

# of years student performed in TMTA Ensemble (including this year) ___________________

Any dates / times of major conflicts with rehearsals ___________________________________

Parent’s Name / Phone Numbers ___________________________________________________

Address / Zip _____________________________________________________________________

Parents’ Email Address_____________________________________________________________


  • Parents are not allowed to listen at the tryouts or rehearsals, but are welcome at the dress rehearsal.

  • Students can play with a partner or alone. Selection doesn’t have to be memorized, but very playable.

  • Students unable to attend tryouts must contact the director the week prior to the tryout, schedule a 15 minute audition & pay the director an additional $10 fee (if 2 come, and play together, they pay $5 each). No Videos!


3. A minimum of 5 up to 30 students can be chosen per song; 15 grand pianos at TMTA concert.

4. Lubbock rehearsals are at Lubbock Piano Gallery. A special effort will be made to schedule rehearsals to suit the majority of the students. The dress rehearsal is TBD.


ALL REHEARSALS ARE REQUIRED. Students who have to miss one rehearsal must contact the director the day before, schedule a 30 minute make-up lesson and pay the director an extra $20 fee (if 2 or more students come, the fee is split among them). Students may not participate, if 2 rehearsals are missed, or if either the Lubbock or TMTA dress rehearsals are missed. STUDENTS/PARENTS MUST KNOW THESE REQUIREMENTS BEFORE THE AUDITION.

5. Teachers are encouraged to balance parts among their students and have them learn any changes to the music, to avoid confusion at the rehearsals.


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