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Saturday, October 28, 2023 at 4 PM

ENTRY DEADLINE: October 12, 2023

LOCATION: Forrest Heights United Methodist Church


Chairperson: Linda King

Assistant: Rosetta Springer



  1. To enroll in a SA recital, mail or email the entry form to the recital chairman by the deadline. 

  2. Students may play only one piece.  (Exception: Students may perform in more than one ensemble in the Duet Recital.)

  3. If you do not receive confirmation from the chairman, contact the chairman to ensure that your entries were received.

  4. No costuming, please.

  5. All pieces must be performed by memory. (Exception: Music will be allowed for the Duet Recital.)  

  6. Students should be encouraged by the teacher to remain for the entire program.

  7. Teachers who enter students in recitals must attend the recital.

  8. A minimum of 15 students must enroll in a recital or the recital will be cancelled.

  9. The chairperson may decided to divide the program into two shorter recitals if the estimated time is too long. 

  10. Include performance time for each student and a total of all students on the registration form.

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