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ENTRY DEADLINE: March 1 of Each Year 

AUDITION DATE: Saturday, March 23, 2024




AUDITION COMMITTEE: Amy Andrus, Lisa Langford 


  1. Two letters of recommendation

  2. A resume of activities you have participated in during high school and honors/awards you have received

  3. A brief statement as to how you plan to use your music degree professionally             

I. Each year a scholarship up to $1,000.00 is to be set aside and may be awarded to a graduating senior student of an LMTA member. The money will be distributed at the discretion of the committee and in consultation with the treasurer. The scholarship will be based on musicianship, scholarship, character, accomplishments, and activities contributing to musical growth through LMTA, school, church, or others. If the scholarship is not used as intended, the funds will be forfeited and returned to LMTA.


II. A panel of three qualified non-partisan LMTA members, including LMTA shall be appointed by the President to hear the applicants perform, study their qualifications, and choose the recipient. At the discretion of the panel, an alternate may be chosen to receive the scholarship in the event the winner does not use it. If there are no qualified applicants, the panel may declare no winner. If no scholarship is awarded, an additional $1000.00 may be added to the Scholarship Fund for each subsequent year that none are awarded.

  1. Additional scholarships may be awarded in the year after a lapse in the awarding of a scholarship.

  2. The amount of the scholarships may be varied depending on the qualifications of the student.


III. By a majority vote of LMTA before May 31 of the year preceding the award, the scholarship may be increased, decreased in amount, or discontinued.

IV. Application for the scholarship must be submitted before March 1 of each year.  Auditions will be held on March 23, time and place to be announced. The scholarship recipient shall be named no later than two weeks before the May meeting of LMTA. The scholarship shall be paid to the college, university, or music school upon proof of the recipient’s registration. Email Fall class schedules to Lisa Langford, treasurer.

V. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a graduating high school senior who will enter college as a music major, minor or specialist.

  2. Be a student of an LMTA member on the instrument on which he/she is auditioning, unless approved by the LMTA executive committee.

  3. Submit two letters of recommendation.

  4. Have a 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) high school grade point average.

  5. Submit a resume of musical activities and honors/awards received.

  6. Submit a brief statement about how they plan to use their music degree.

  7. Be prepared to perform three compositions representing three different styles and periods on the instrument taught by the LMTA member.

  8. Be the guest of honor and perform one of the compositions at the summer meeting of LMTA.

2023: Carter Lewis (Moutos), Maggie Hart (Martens), Scott Sanford (Sutton)


2020-2022: No Awards


2019: Amy Li (Nunn)


2018: Lauren Camp (Masson)


2017: Jacob Nance (Moutos)


2016: Landon Camp (Masson), Levi Stinson (McClendon)


2013: Savannah Bingham (Unfred)


2012: Rachel McCartney (Martens)


2010: Kristin Bailey (Moutos)


2009: Devon Langford (Langford)


2007: Trent Tibbit (Nunn)


2005: Joni Clay (Bethel), Lisa Wiginton (Springer)


2004: Melanie Hester (Sharp)


2003: Lindsey Fleming (Murphy)


2002: Matthew Cash (Hill)


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