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ENTRY DEADLINE: January 5, 2024
FESTIVAL DATE: February 10, 2024
LOCATION: Texas Tech University Music Building

Committee: Rosetta Springer 

A Sonatina/Sonata Festival will be held in conjunction with the LMTA Piano Competition. This festival is designed to give students the opportunity to play without competing and to play without a specified sonatina list.  

 1. A student may enter one or more movements from any standard sonatina, however, the entry fee of $18.00 must be paid for each movement.


2. The selection must be performed by memory, omitting all repeats except the D.C.


3. The students must furnish the judge with a copy of their music. No photocopies are allowed.


4. The judge will critique and rate each student. Students will receive ribbons for superior, excellent, and participant.


5. Non-LMTA members must pay a fee of $35 to enter students. (This fee would cover both the contest and the festival.)


6. Each individual teacher’s students will be scheduled as a group. Teachers will be required to monitor their own students and schedule within their time block.


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