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  • LOCAL CONTEST: February 3, 2024

  • ENTRY DEADLINE: January 25, 2024 

  • LOCAL ENTRY FEES:  Pre-Collegiate $25.00 / Collegiate $30.00 


  • PIANO SOLO DIVISIONSGrades 7-8 / Grades 9-10 / Grades 11-12 / Young Artist (Post-12)

  • ORCHESTRAL INSTRUMENTS & ORGANSolo, Grades 7 & 8, Solo and Concerto, Grades 9 –12 


A contestant must be a Student Affiliate and must have taken and passed the Whitlock Theory Test in 2023 before entering this contest.  From District, two contestants are chosen to advance to state competition at the TMTA Convention in June 2024. (Check the TMTA Student Affiliate Handbook for details.)


  1. When more than one composition is performed, they must be of contrasting period and style, and may be the student’s choice.

  2. 7th and 8th Grade, Junior and Senior Contest: Time limit is 10 minutes. Performers who exceed this limit will be stopped but not disqualified.

  3. Concerto Contest: No time limit. The program may consist of the first or last movement of any standard concerto and performers must provide their own accompanists. It is recommended that the accompanist not be his/her teacher.

  4. If no auditioning student meets acceptable standards, no winner will be declared.

  5. Decisions of the judges are final and may not be questioned by the participants, their parents or their teachers.

  6. Teachers who confront a judge concerning a decision will not be permitted to enter students in LMTA events the following year. Complaints should be directed to the chairperson of the event.

  7. TMTA-SA requests that local associations follow the specific procedures given to each local association. Three judges will be used in all categories of the contest at the District and State levels. It is strongly suggested that three judges be used to select the piano students who will compete further at the District contests. Even if there are only a few entrants, it is the only fair way to conduct the piano contest.

  8. Refer to Texas Music Teachers Association magazine or new SA handbook for information on deadlines for State Solo and Concerto Contest Entries, grades 9-12.

  9. See SA handbook for repertoire. 

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