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  • ENTRY DEADLINE: January 5, 2024

  • COMPETITION: Saturday, February 10, 2024

  • LOCATION: Texas Tech University Music Building

  • WINNERS' RECITAL: Sunday, February 11, 2024, at Hemmle Recital Hall @ 1:30 pm ​




  • LITERATURE COMMITTEE:  Rosetta Springer (Chairman), Nicole Martens, Jane Sutton


1. A student’s entry level corresponds to his current school grade. (Determine home school student’s entry level by their age as it corresponds to typical school grades.)  No student may enter below his school grade/age level: Grades 3-4; Grades 5-6; Grades 7-8; Grades 9-12.  (Students below grade 3 may enter at their teacher’s discretion.)

2. A student may enter only ONE movement of any one sonata, or sonatina from the Contest Literature List! This selection must be from his grade level or from a higher level at the teacher’s discretion. 

3. During competition all selections must be performed by memory, omitting all repeats except D.C. On the recitals the pieces will be played as written with any repeats.

4. Teachers who enter students in the competition must either hold current membership in LMTA or pay a fee of $35.00. This rule applies to student teachers and assistant teachers. No exceptions will be made.

5. All LMTA teachers will be expected to assist as needed with the contest.

6. Teachers will receive a schedule of their students’ contest times by mail as soon as possible following the deadline.  These contest times cannot be changed.

7. Any movement receiving more than 15 entries will be split into two separate groups and judged at two different times. The winners will play on separate recitals.


click here to download this list


Screenshot 2023-08-13 at 10_edited.jpg

Please note that there are now numerous sources on the Internet for downloading music, both for purchase and for free. You must be careful to see that the version of the music you are downloading is the same as the one listed. For example, there is a version of the Duncombe Sonatina available for download in which the rhythm is different from the edition that was listed on the 2020 contest list. If your student plays the wrong version of a composition, he or she may be disqualified. Also, if you are downloading free music, please be certain that it is in public domain or the composer has given permission to use the music. Even if the original version of a composition is in public domain, that does not mean that a specific edition of the music is in public domain. For example, Haydn’s music was composed in the 18th Century, so it is in public domain. However, the Maurice Hinson Edition of Haydn’s works is not in public domain. If you wish to use a free version of a Haydn Sonata, download it from IMSLP or some other source that allows you to download music that is in public domain. If you purchase music from an Internet site and download it, please purchase as many copies as needed. Purchasing one copy and making additional copies is theft. The Lubbock Music Teachers Association does not condone the illegal copying of music. We support the rights of composers, publishers and music dealers to earn income from their work.





1. First, second, and third place winners can be declared for each movement of each sonata, sonatina. Judges have the prerogative not to declare a winner.  In addition, each contestant will receive a judge’s critique with a rating of Superior, Excellent, Very Good or Good and a ribbon.


2. First Place can’t be tied.  Second and Third Place can be tied, if the judge so chooses. First place winners will be invited to participate in the Winners’ Recitals. If the winner is unable to perform, the winner’s teacher must contact the desk chairman immediately, and that movement will not be heard on the winner’s recital.  Teachers are responsible for making sure their students know which recital to play on.

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